Work with Dorset FA in support of LGBT inclusion & making football free of anti-LGBT prejudice

The Network is very pleased to highlight our role in contributing to help develop the final state version of the Dorset Football Association (FA) Equality Policy through our input to the Dorset FA IAG (Inclusion Advisory Group).  Sport and especially the ‘beautiful game’ (football) is a major frontline regarding societal evolution and effective equality policy’s that reflect this and the law through application in real live contexts, such as sport, of the legal obligations and provisions of the Equality Act 2010 do Matter for gender equality and minority communities.  This on safety, safeguarding and the right mechanisms to call out and take action on for example anti-Gay homophobic ‘banter’ in the changing room or on the terraces. 

We must remember that ultimately the Law, and credible equality policies are there to counteract prejudice-based ignorance whether wilful or unintentional cause very real disruption, needless mental health distress and toxic in environments from sport to workplaces.  We see that equality and inclusion are not ‘tick box add ons’ in a silo of their own where organisations, groups and businesses priorities are concerned, but central to all aspects of activity and services of these latter

As such having an effective Equality Policy is a matter of the highest importance impacting beneficially on all aspects of what an organisation, group, or business does. The care that has gone in to Dorset FA’s Equality Policy is extensive and very clear; it is meant to be and is a policy that can deliver real tangible change and improvement across the football sector of Dorset, and we – alongside Proud Cherries LGBT, AFC Bournemouth fans group — are delighted to have been asked to input to the shaping and finalising of their policy on behalf of our LGBT & LGBT ‘Allies’ communities, as part of our ongoing contribution on the LGBT voice and input to the Dorset FA’s IAG . 

Alan Mercel-Sanca, IAG Member