LGBT+ & Healthcare

This page and section of the website has been created through demand from community members & groups/organisations, and clear need due to the Network’s expertise and record of speaking Out and Proud for the LGBT+ voice in healthcare, and related care settings.  This to support diversity and inclusion advance per se in the NHS and broader sector, and especially on LGBT+ inclusion and anti-discrimination in NHS service provision and service delivery.  And also supporting our LGBT+ community members, NHS heroes, who are staff members from frontline to admin.

We have found that despite greatly valued symbolic attendances at Prides and valued words of solidarity at LGBT History Month, etc. that still all too many members of our community working in healthcare experience anti-LGBT+ prejudice because of who they love or who they are.  The Network exists to support those targeted, shamed for speaking up about their anti-LGBT+ bullying experiences, told to just be philosophic and put up with the latter. 

Our background on representing the need for improvement and change in such regards, and in services provision that is appropriate, needed by community members (who comprise a wide range of different specific LGBT+ communities, many often overlooked, vulnerable, at risk, disempowered, bullied and discriminated against because of their sexual orientation or gender identity. 

The purpose of this page and section of our website is therefore to be a useful point of reference for LGBT+ context NHS and broader health and social care provision news and performance, and relevant research (our own and others too including at national level), articles and reports; to celebrate the great work that is going on, and if and where necessary to highlight issues and needs being poorly covered that are of importance to our community.

So bookmark this page, which from February will have an index of topics covered provided through links that will be provided below on this page.