Network Team

The network is made up of Dorset LGB&T community members, LGB&T equality and anti-discrimination activists and educationalists that bring to it a wealth of expertise and focused dedicated passion and enthusiasm to see change and the building of a powerful and effective, respected voice for our community.

The network also comprises members, officers and representatives of main established LGB&T groups, organisations and service providers based or operating in Dorset, and beyond.  These include but are not limited to:

  • Bourne Free
  • Just a Ball Game? national grassroots anti-LGBT prejudice in football & sport organisation
  • Over The Rainbow
  • Space Youth Project
  • The pan-Dorset Health & Social Care LGB&T Health advisory Group
  • Silver Moments older LGBT people’s group
  • Unison

Beyond these we work at national level, in specialist topic areas.

The Network team is comprised of, but not limited to:

  • Alan Mercel-Sanca
  • Canon John Hyde
  • Lindsay England
  • Louise Clarke
  • Erin Greenslade

Our network also includes patrons, our first was Sophie Cook, a national level motivational speaker and educator.

Lindsay England, founder and lead of the national grassroots anti-homophobia and trans-phobia in football and sport campaign orgnaisation, Just a Ball Game? is our chief patron.