For the start of 2021 we will have redeveloped this page as the demand for its value as an important self-help & signposting, and research resource has increasingly been made clear to the Network from email requests — including international — over more than 12 months.

In the local Dorset era the comprehensive failings — that we have represented on repeatedly to high and highest levels — of  the local NHS (Dorset CCG) and Public Health Dorset on Covid 19 related support messaging and, well evidenced, direct potentially life saving and Covid 19 risk spread to particular sections and sub-population groups of our LGBT+ communities have provided a particularly important stimulus for the expansion and redevelopment (will include a side bar section to cover thematic information resources) of this page.

Self-help and outreach to private sector (healthcare and other) and GENUINELY LGBT+ friendly organisations and employers, through information resources of the kinds that we are pleased to provide below, are we believe the best route to meaningful LGBT+ community support in the Dorset area (but to a certain extent at national level too in the UK, where there are comparable minimal LGBT+ engagement & support examples, BUT some excellent very different best practice examples too).

These [online, internet searched information resources of quality and LGBT+ originated and/or LGBT+ appropriate] are clearly the most effective means of to a certain extent addressing major quality information self-help needs.

This in the Network’s core current South Coast/Dorset area of operation is particularly important while from Dorset NHS contexts engagement experience perspectives, commonly the most  well-known health and wellbeing issues and needs regarding our LGBT+ communities remain at this time (late 2020) matters of perceived minimal de-facto interest or comprehension amongst, in our experience at the Network, elements of senior management at NHS organisations such as in particularly CCGs.

This perspective is based on extensive communication and engagement with elements of the latter over years in the Dorset area: we hope that this information resource may help to educate NHS strategic decision and policy makers in regard to why LGBT Lives Matter, and LGBT+ community health needs especially.

The Information resources below, selected for their educational or quality of life enhancing value, are provided for and/or of interest to:

  • LGB&T individuals & communities in or beyond Dorset and neighbouring areas
  • The general public, businesses and employers, for educational and anti homophobic and anti trans-phobic information and awareness purposes
  • Public service organisations, local authorities, and for education institutions, and voluntary sector groups and organisations

Also see Useful Links which contains details of groups and organisations run by or working for our LGB&T communities.

Information resources:

These include both Dorset and neighbouring areas and national level information resources for our LGB&T communities and LGB&T individuals reference.

International students — LGBT community members ‘need to know’ information resource:

We are very pleased to recommend the following link which provides crucial need to know information for LGBT+ community members from overseas who study or are coming to study at UK universities and colleges.  Read more at

LGBTQ & Addiction information resource:

Substance use disorders have a greater effect on LGBTQ+ people than on the heterosexual population. The LGBTQ+ community must overcome several obstacles, including being denied substance abuse treatment because of their sexual identity. However, through the proper understanding and accommodation of LGBTQ+ care principles, substance abuse treatment can be successful.  Read more at

Regarding Alcohol Abuse / Excess Consumption:

We wish to thank Ms Taylor Trier of America’s Alcohol Help organisation for connecting with the Network to share the very helpful information resource below.  This is most appreciated as it constitutes an important information resource for community members, as at late 2020 there is still so much work to do in the UK’s NHS, and especially NHS county areas such as Dorset, where ready access to need to know information of this kind on such an important subject is concerned.

According to reports, about 25% of the LGBTQ population has at least a moderate alcohol use disorder, along with other substance abuse challenges. By comparison, about 10% of the general population struggles with alcoholism. … read more at:


The national LGB&T equality and anti-discrimination campaigning and educational organisation, Stonewall, has a number of high quality practical guides and reports that support all sections of our communities, and those such as schools, employers and others:

Coming Out:

Stonewall guide to coming out

Schools & Education sectors:

Report on homophobic bullying in schools

Report into the experiences of gay young people in Britain’s schools in 2012

Getting started – A Stonewall toolkit for preventing and tackling homophobic, biphobic and transphobic bullying in secondary schools

Stonewall guide for tackling homophobic language materials for secondary schools

Trans & Non-Binary:


All About Trans:


Working with Faith Communities:

Stonewall education guide into working with faith communities

Healthcare / NHS related:

Sexual Orientation — A Stonewall guide for the NHS

Stonewall Healthcare Equality Index 2015 — Improving the health of lesbian, gay and bisexual people

Employment & Employers:
Global Allies: ENGAGE, EDUCATE, EMPOWER – a Stonewall guide


About the importance of Diversity Monitoring Forms and how to boost their completion by members of our communities:

‘What’s it Got to do with You?’: 10 reasons why you should complete diversity monitoring forms

LGB people from ethnic minorities:

Stonewall and the Runnymede Trust’s One_Minority_At_A_Time__2012_:

Guides for individuals on a range of important topics:

Stonewall’s Help & Advice index page:


Weymouth Gay Group ‘What’s Happening in Dorset’ information —

H2O Adventures (Swanage based LGBT friendly outdoors business, with LGBT dedicated services/courses) — you can read more about here