Rainbow Lottery launch — Network participation and support:

The Network is delighted to share the exciting news of the launch of the Rainbow Lottery, the UK’s first national level lottery dedicated to supporting LGBT+ good causes.

We were delighted to be contacted a few days before the launch of the Rainbow Lottery website, by its lead Mr Tom Gattos — who had heard of the Network, our initiatives, and especially the effectiveness of our work for community members from more overlooked, isolated, or particularly vulnerable LGBT+ communities — requesting to become of the Rainbow Lottery good causes and attend the website launch.

The Network is thrilled to have been contacted by Tom, and to be one of the causes the Rainbow Lottery supports. Rainbow Lottery is particularly important because it enables independent, activist and grassroots LGBT+ community supporting organisations to keep independent and extend the assistance we provide to many in our community that have come to regard as effective and respected. This because we combine in all we do both a focused ‘can do’ solutions orientated approach, and at the same time where needed (and it often is) ‘speaking truth to power’ and challenging ‘tick box cultures’ where they stand in the way of meaningful change.

From 22nd April (save the date!) you will be able to sign, play, and support Rainbow Lottery good causes such as our work at the Network! Please visit https://www.rainbowlottery.co.uk/ to learn more.