Network and Anglebury Court residential care home (Wareham) — example of LGBT community & private sector best practice collaboration

The Network was recently approached by Penka Argirova, manager of Anglebury Court, Tricuro residential care home in Wareham, regarding invitation to develop the home’s LGBT equality & inclusion policy and related implementation practicalities at both staff and clients/residents level.  We were delighted to find that the request was made with seriousness and dedication with from the outset clarity that Ms Argirova was seeking to achieve meaningful actions that would and do have the confidence and enthusiastic backing of our LGB&T community. 

The policy referred to was created through the work of Network lead Alan Mercel-Sanca with Ms Argirova on behalf of Anglebury Court, with a view to this assisting development for Tricuro itself in regard to how its Equality, Diversity and Inclusion policy can be applied in real terms in homes like Anglebury Court.  The resulting policy for the latter s a realisable best practice standard, and involves all the essentials in terms of applying the policy in practice effectively. 

The Network commends Ms Argirova and Anglebury Court and looks forward to taking this collaboration on best practice on LGBT inclusion, including provision of supportive training and monitoring.  The home has also as a result through Alan’s invitation agreed enthusiastically to join the Ask for Clive initiative!