Important update on Network organisation evolution:

The Network is very pleased to announce that the Charity Commission has approved important adjustments to our organisation’s constitutional Objects and the charity’s working/public name. We shall as a result in the next few weeks be adjusting our organisation logo, website address, Twitter handle, and finally with effect by the end of November, our email address.

These changes have been made to reflect our pan-UK (and in some areas, international) activity and effectiveness on challenging and informing policy change at government and public service organisations and agencies level.  We however shall continue to have within our work (and this reflected in the new constitutional Objects) a pan-Dorset & BCP conurbation dimension.

Education, mental health, and the purpose of achieving a new phase of the crucial LGBT+ & LGBTQ+ ‘Allies’ development, will remain at the centre of the Network’s activity, with enhanced emphasis.

In the next two weeks/by mid-November we will update this news article to provide the new public/official working name of our organisation with accompanying details of logo change, website address, Twitter handle, and email address.