Work with Her Majesty’s Prison Service in support of LGBT equality delivery — HMP The Verne

The Network is very pleased to share that it has over the past 12 months developed a strong working relationship with HMP The Verne at the prison’s request to support its goal of providing best practice LGBT inclusion & anti-discrimnination delivered services of benefit to both prison residents and staff. We have been providing guidance that has been followed with care and effectiveness by the prison authorities, and support on prison residents LGBT members dedicated community groups in conjunction with the enthusiastic support of staff and under the direction of the Governor’s Office.

In addition to providing critical friend support at LGB&T group meetings we have facilitated a drop in session at the request of the prison, in support of LGBT mental health & wellbeing, and was the key external LGB&T community organisation supporting the recent Prison Pride. We are excited about building on this partnership further, and have been requested to provide guidance to neighbouring HMP Portland too.