UK LGBT+ community (services users/patients/clients AND organisations & staff) NHS initiative

The LGBT+ Network for Change has been working at grassroots level and policy level in SW England (Dorset) for some years in regard to changing/improving in meaningful ways NHS foundation trust [hospitals and mental healthcare] and CCG (Clinical Commission Group) performance in regard to credible LGBT+ appropriate community engagement concerning NHS services provision, especially in regard to mental healthcare. In regard to the latter we wish to record our fullest appreciation to the Dorset Healthcare NHS Foundation Trust (DHC) ‘Steps 2 Wellbeing’ Team.

The work (information resources creation & training) we have undertaken with the latter through creation of LGBT+ & LGBTQ+ clients engagement has lead to significant positive change — the Network’s engagement with the DHC ‘Steps 2 Wellbeing’ (S2W) Team has currently lead to much greater LGBT+ & LGBTQ+ community satisfaction with Steps 2 Wellbeing services and much improved confidence of S2W healthcare professionals and admin staff engagement with community clients.

We are pleased to provide below an official DHC/NHS formal communication to the Network:

“From a Trust-wide Equality, Diversity & Inclusion perspective, it has been fantastic to work alongside our Steps2Wellbeing service and the LGBT+ Network for Change. The combination of expert knowledge, ability to involve a variety of important stakeholders, and passion for greater LGBT+ inclusion were all key drivers in making this project a success, and encouraged us to embed it further across Dorset HealthCare. I believe EDI works best when we bring people together who want to make a difference, and this is demonstrated by the uptake of training and practical impact it has already made to staff confidence and patient experience’.”

More details on our work in this very important area of LGBT/LGBTQ+ community support will be provided on this page. Please also see: