Stronger Together – Just A Ball Game? Wembley event marks LGBT History Month

                                                  #STRONGERTOGETHER- WEMBLEY STADIUM   

On Tuesday 5th February JUST A BALL GAME? (JBG?) held #StrongerTogether their first ever seminar, as part of LGBT History Month 2019 celebrations….. JBG Wembley round up MEDIA RELEASE

The Network is very pleased to share the attached Press Release from JBG? Founder and Lead Lindsay England, LGB&T Dorset Equality Network Patron following last week’s groundbreaking Stronger Together event at Wembley Stadium

Network initiator and Convenor Alan Mercel-Sanca is cited in the press release, explaining the uniqueness and importance of the Stronger Together JBG? initiative, that has great relevance to Dorset in regard to LGBT+ outreach, inclusion and anti-prejudice in football, sport and beyond — more news on the event coming soon, so watch this space!

Alan Mercel-Sanca, JBG? Male Co-Chair, has this to say, “Our JBG? #StrongerTogether event will be seen as a turning point in the UK in sport and beyond where partnerships of dynamic kinds developed or became further consolidated. The spirit of the event was a ‘can do, will do’ one in which realisation of building a strong thriving inclusive society in which prejudice and its evils have a real sell by date coming, manifested through the realisation that this is only possible through the vision and character of real meaningful partnerships making us all- LGBT+, Allies, BME, #StrongerTogether! “

“The passion, the collective wisdom, expertise of all attending or speaking at this exceptional event was inspiring, and totally rooted in practical solutions, focus, real partnerships, not tokenistic ones, – JBG? #StrongerTogether sets the pattern for meaningful change. On that thousands upon thousands who could not attend or who were unaware of the event, will look back later with thanks and admiration for what was achieved on 5th Feb 2019! “