Speaking Out on end of life care – Bournemouth Echo interview with Network Chair Fr John Hyde

The Network is pleased to share this valuable Bournemouth Echo interview with Network Chair Fr John Hyde on the issues that still emerge often for LGBT community members where end of life care is concerned. If you have been touched by such issues yourself, you can let the Network and/or Healthwatch know.

We are particularly ready to promote awareness on care homes and undertaker businesses that are truly LGBT friendly (and may even be LGBT owned/managed), for as John has indicated in the interview all too often at the end of life many LGBT people, especially older generations, may not be Out as gay, lesbian, bi, or Trans concerning family or to those running and working in care homes, nor be ready to have the necessary conversations with undertakers on funeral arrangements.

As in some parts of the NHS environments are still tolerated where homophobic views are allowed to be expressed and thrive, the same happens in many care homes where employees aren’t given proper (or any) equality & inclusion customer care and HR training: leaving LGBT community members, whether or not Out as LGBT, distraught, fearful, bullied and unwelcome.

We are lobbying for a LGBT community safe & welcoming businesses & organisations, register and system linked nationally, and see care homes and funerary services as important to include in this for the reasons detailed below by Silver Moments founder and Network Chair, Fr John.  Please feel free to email us if you have any concerns or want to share experiences relating to the topics covered: contact.lgbtdorsetequality@gmail.com