Pan-Dorset health & Social Care LGB&T Health Advisory Group

About the Advisory Group:

The Advisory Group is supported by the LGB&T Dorset Equality Network, and as a result of the success of its work has been the model of approach and activity for the network itself.

The Pan-Dorset health & Social Care LGB&T Health Advisory Group is open to any LGB&T person using health and social care services across Dorset, whether from the general public or from being directly employed in the healthcare sector; it will also be open to ‘straight allies’ – those in the non-LGB&T community who actively work to eradicate homophobia and transphobia in NHS and related social care contexts.

The group meets bi-monthly, but much of its work takes place via email in particular on review of NHS material (online and hard copy), including equality & diversity related content, programmes, policies processes. It is also involved in providing LGB&T communities input to the NHS Clinical Services Review (CSR).

To join the advisory group: email  or call 07811 269 454.

The advisory group:

a. Reviews NHS and social care policies, procedures and practices
b. Is a means of interface with the area’s LGB&T community in general, and in addition sub-population groups in regard to health and social care provision
c. Inputs to both shaping and providing recommendations concerning strategic and tactical activities of NHS organisations and services as and where impacting on LGB&T service users of the NHS across Bournemouth Dorset & Poole
d. Assists with review of the NHS Clinical Services Review’s implementation in regard to its effectiveness in engaging with and meeting the particular needs of the LGB&T population and related sub-population groups