NHS Dorset Healthcare Trust – LGB&T Dorset Equality Network, Steps 2 Wellbeing programme ground-breaking collaboration

The Network is delighted to announce its collaboration with Dorset Healthcare NHS Foundation Trust, on a major and much needed initiative concerning the Trust’s ‘Steps 2 Wellbeing’ mental healthcare service.

The Network will be providing support to Steps 2 Wellbeing, further to in late 2020 a contact by Mr Steven Barber, Steps 2 Wellbeing Poole Team lead, inviting the Network to support the creation of evolution of the Steps 2 Wellbeing programme through instituting, clearly and with great enthusiam a dedicated LGBT+ community support service and outreach.

We will be assisting the Programme in a number of areas, and are excited that this initiative is going to support those of our community members suffering from very real mental health distress caused by discrimination, prejudice, hate crime / bullying, and family or friends rejection because of who they are and who they love (LGB&T minorities).

We will be providing more news and details later this month (January 2020), but are very pleased to provide this link, affirming the partnership of Steps 2 Wellbeing and the Network: https://www.steps2wellbeing.co.uk/how_are_you_feeling/about_you/lgbt/

A very big thank you to Dorset Healthcare (particularly Helen and Amy) and its Steps 2 Wellbeing Team (Steve and colleagues), and to Jonai Da Silva, lead of the Trust’s LGBT+ Network, for his invaluable encouragement and support, for enabling this long sought in the pan-Dorset LGBT+ community, development.