Network makes representation to BCP Council Leader & Equality lead on perceived lesbian & gay exclusion on important consultation — apology made & action taken!

The Network has made a representation to the leader of Bournemouth Christchurch Poole (BCP) Council and the council’s equality portfolio holder on the extraordinary decision of BCP officials to LEAVE OUT of a very important housing/accomodation ‘selective licensing’ consultation, despite awareness of in particular the safety and safeguarding issues and needs of lesbian and [male] gay community members that had been represented, sadly, unsuccessfully [from the then Bournemouth Council’s side] to the Bournemouth area former council up to its then Equality Lead level.

Formal apology and communication of appreciation from the Council Leader to the Network:

We are delighted to share that our intervention was greatly appreciated by the Leader of BCP Council who along with a senior official of the Council, has communicated with us to express their gratitude for drawing this serious error to the attention of the Council Leader & Equality Portfolio holder.

A formal apology for the LGB ommission on the paper version of the consultation form has been made by BCP Council, and the electronic version of the later flagged up as containing the LGB section, so important to community members, landlords, and those with interest in LGBT safety and safeguarding and inclusion. We have been invited to hold a meeting with senior council officials to build on the work accomplished through the combined alert & representation of the Network, and corresponding apology and action by the Council.