Network LGBT & LGBTQ+ Homeless initiative update: completion of Bournemouth area consolidation – opening of opportunity for other areas of UK development:

Update: the Network LGBT & LGBTQ+ homeless and hidden homeless multi agency initiative has now (end of November 2021) seen completed preparation of all the main components for it’s Bournemouth-Christchurch-Poole area pilot. The locality, possessed all of the necessary factors for being a pilot that could with some minor adjustments, be able to be utilised elsewhere in England, but for this to be possible the Network had to complete to the right level the Bournemouth-Christchurch-Poole area components.

We are therefore for very pleased to announce this has now been undertaken. In particular the components include:

— Information resources development for NHS mental health support use (the groundwork on this achieved, including with funding support from Bourne Free LGBT Pride, JP Morgan, and others up to Autumn 2021, the expansion and role out phase is commencing from early 2022), including dedicated training for relevant staff

— A BCP Council area Homeless Partnership/Forum to undertake creation of a dedicated Diverse Communities homeless support sub-group, with clear defined LGBT outreach specifics (this has now been established, with the Network playing a key role, linked to delivery of aspects of our LGBT & LGBTQ+ homeless and hidden homeless initiative

— For the conurbation’s FE college to partner with us on FE college specific awareness information resources and related training and signposting mechanisms — now this has been agreed by Bournemouth & Poole College (further to initial flagging up of the key FE age group dimension of our initiative: please see the first news item on:

— That Dorset Police could be engaged to support the initiative in regard to policing and crime prevention/reduction on safety and safeguarding aspects of experiences of LGBT & LGBTQ+ homeless community members, and most of all ‘hidden homeless / sofa surfing homeless.’ The Network has secured the enthusiastic support of the Dorset Police & Crime Commissioner in conjunction with the appropriate Dorset Police officer, as a result of outcomes of a dedicated Network and DPCC meeting in late October 2021. In early 2022 we shall be completing a training resource and an operational support strategy for Dorset Police’s relevant services and officers, as a result of the outcomes of the meeting referred to