Network launches pan-Dorset Census 2021, LGBT+ community support and participation initiative with ONS / Census 2021 with & for our Community and Community organisations & groups

The Network is Proud to play its part for pan-Dorset & BCP area LGBT+ community outreach on the national LGBT+ #ProudToBeCounted Census 2021 campaign.

The Network has initiated a pan-Dorset campaign for our community organisations, community members, to participate in Census 2021, and also that our two local authorities (BCP Council, and Dorset Council), and public service organisations to support a dedicated outreach campaign for all of their service users, residents, taxpayers, voters who are LGBT+ to complete the Census, including those sections of the latter that give voluntary options for LGBT+ perspectives on services needed and topics of importance to our LGBT+ lives in the services we receive and how they are delivered.

We are also asking our two pan-Dorset are councils for voluntary service to support this LGBT+ community outreach campaign, as they have a unique role in regard to broader community and Third Sector outreach.

We have had ahead of launching this Census participation campaign, had valuable discussions with the ONS/Census 2021 lead for the pan-Dorset area. The latter, on behalf of Census 2021 is delighted with this request for a focused, clear pan-Dorset LGBT+ Community, statutory & public sector, and Third Sector outreach campaign of the kind we have initiated.

We believe that through this campaign we can truly transform the awareness of our LGBT+ Community’s inclusion and equality & anti-discrimination needs and related support required, that whatever the eventual participation rate in the Census, BCP and Dorset LGBT+ communities and our friends in the public sector & statutory sector, and Third Sector will all benefit from this initiative in the awareness of the still too clear and often serious issues and needs on support and LGBT+ appropriate and/or dedicated services we receive.

Please watch this space for more news soon. In the meantime we hope the following link on the Census will be helpful: