Network congratulations to our new DPCC David Sidwick on his election:

The Network is very pleased to provide our congratulations to David Sidwick on his election — — as our new Dorset Police & Crime Commissioner (DPCC). David has as early as 2019 engaged directly with the Network on the particular policing, ASB hate crimes, and prejudice experiences that in May 2021 still are all too commonplace for many members of our community.

In particular, much more recently we engaged with David in regard to support should he be elected, concerning the particular needs of our Dorset & BCP area LGBT+ & LGBTQ homeless community, and we were delighted to learn that the Network’s initiative in support to our LGBT+ & LGBTQ community is one that if elected, David will be supporting in all relevant ways and areas if elected:

David is also supporting the Network on our activity to extend the Ask for Clive (AfC) initiative, we are very pleased to share.

On 12th May, Alan Mercel-Sanca, Network lead founder and Lead Officer, had a meeting with David, in which important discussions took place on the two initiatives above and broader LGBT+ & LGBTQ Dorset & BCP, DPCC relevant areas of activity. The outcomes of the discussions were very exciting.

The Network also wishes to commend that the Green Party DPCC candidate Ms Claire Seymour (a former police officer), was in addition to Dave the only DPCC candidate to contact us and engage in detail. We really appreciate Claire’s engagement too, and the particular points of support to and respect for our Dorset & BCP LGBT+ & LGBTQ community are ones that we will be looking forward to represent to our new DPCC in the months ahead.