Network Census 2021 Report provided to the National Statistician — appreciation for report and for working with the ONS on Census data utilisation

The Network — which has developed it’s new ‘working’ name ‘LGBT+ Network for Change’ (unanimously supported by a recent Trustees Board meeting) reflecting our ethos and national level work — has received a very positive response from the Office of National Statistics, National Statistician, Professor Sir Ian Diamond regarding our important report (Census Analysis and Feedback Report), the first of it’s kind nationally, and much needed.

Below we include excerpts from the National Statistician’s letter confirming appreciation for our Report (in which are provided a set of Census questions of major to minor LGBT+ & LGBTQ+ community importance, analysis: these for reference as Census data starts to emerge at the end of this year) and of welcome for collaboration going forward.

We are very pleased about this as it is clear that on a number of points much work still needs to be undertaken where such important data gathering exercises are concerned for more excluded or vulnerable sections of our community: our report has identified these and provided through the report details, awareness to the ONS at National Statistician level.

Letter from the National Statistician

Dear Alan and the LGBT+ Network for Change,

Census analysis and feedback report from the LGBT+ Network for Change

Thank you for your letter and feedback report of 16th August 2021.

I would like to take the opportunity to thank you and the LGBT+ Network for Change for the support you gave to the Census collection operation that took place earlier this year. …

… I am keen we maintain and build upon the working relationship developed between ONS and the LGBT+ Network for Change. I want to ensure that LGBT+ communities are engaged in plans for the future of the census as well as wider statistical developments.

Yours sincerely,

Professor Sir Ian Diamond

We will be utilising the report where needed in feed-in to national government departments, agencies, local authorities and public service organisations, going forward and to Parliamentary Select Committees work.