Network best wishes to Weymouth & Portland Pride for a great and successful event

The LGB&T Dorset Equality Network is very excited about the holding of the first ever Pride festival in Weymouth on the 26th July.  Weymouth & Portland Pride has been needed for many years, to support and profile our local LGBT community and its needs, issues, and great contribution to our broader Weymouth and Portland community!  We wish to pay tribute to the Pride’s organisers, and particularly to Weymouth Gay Group (WGG) that was responsible for proposing to us the idea of a Weymouth & Portland Pride to us, from which point we took the nessary steps to bring the private sector (Weymouth BID) and local councillors and local authorities together that

For the Network,  it has been a great privilege to contribute to enabling the development of bringing together through multiple Network activities in the Weymouth area over the past two years, support of our local LGBT community, those individuals, groups and organisations that were subsequently able to get together to form a Pride development committee.

One particularly further valuable aspect of the support provided from our side has also been the kind sharing of invaluable mentoring experience, to Weymouth & Portland Pride commitiie after a much appreciated approach for assistance from the Weymouth & Portland Pride committee lead, Jamie (owner of the Closet, LGBT bar & nightclub, Weymouth)
Louise a Network founder and trustee and Chair of Bourne Free has helped with many key contacts in entertainment and other areas crucial to organising and running a Pride

Wishing a fantastic Pride to all those organising and participating in Weymouth & Portland’s Pride!

Prides are not for a day or for a weekend, but for year-round all sections of our LGBT community and broader inclusion and anti-prejudice benefit.  We are excited to see these anticipated benefits of Weymouth & Portland Pride taking shape, and for the Network assisting on these important outcomes of Pride being realised!