Ireland – Network lead officer becomes Green Party LGBTQI+ Policy Group Convenor + developments on policy and a bill to ban conversion therapies

The LGBT+ Network for Change is delighted to share that our organisation’s lead initiator and operational lead, Alan Mercel-Sanca (please see:, has recently become the Green Party Ireland’s LGBTQI+ Policy Group Convenor.  In certain areas his LGBT+ Network for Change experience and insights will valuably contribute to this very important policy development role.

Alan has provided input in the late summer ( input to the Bill to Ban Conversion Therapies being finalised in the Oireachtas (Parliament) of the Republic of Ireland.  Further to the parliamentary committee that leads on equality related areas, communicating with Alan, his submission to the committee was cleared for providing to the minister, as helpful to the Bill.

The uniqueness of the Network, particularly at LGBT+ & LGBTQ+ policy development and policy implementation level, is in its ability to be a conduit for learning and experience sharing on an equal basis between the UK and Ireland across a range of areas that matter to and impact on our communities members. 

For instance regarding the Bill mentioned above, the Government of Ireland (and indeed across the full range of political parties in Ireland) is likely to lead to a much more robust law and in some ways be much more effective than the LGB and Trans communities elements of the UK’s Equality Act 2022. Alan has also been very pleased to at the request of the CEO of Dublin’s LGBT Centre, The Outhouse, to provide an introduction to the international officer of Albert Kennedy Trust.