International Transgender Day of Visibility 2022

The LGBT+ Network for Change is delighted to record our happiness at today’s International Transgender Day of Visibility 2022. This day is particularly important to ALL LGB&T community members because visibility has always been and remains the most important way of calling out transphobia, homophobia and biphobia for what they are. For more on International Transgender Day of Visibility, that was initiated in the USA by our Trans community there in 2009, please see:

In the UK, International Transgender Day of Visibility 2022 has been marked by the history making occasion of the first ever Trans community Member of Parliament (MP) Coming Out — the Network salutes Jamie Wallis MP for his courageous and history-making decision which has made international news, as indicated through this link from The Irish Times:

At the same time it is sad to see that in the UK there still exist MPs that remain in ‘dinosaur-like’ denial of the realities since the beginning of time of the huge diversity of gender, gender identity, and sexual orientation and sexuality:

These medieval perspectives however are increasingly being seen for what they are. As seen in the image above from GCN (Gay Community News [Ireland]) regarding South Dublin County Council the tide of history is on our Trans community’s side: