Dorset CCG pan-Dorset LGBT+ engagement update regarding Network actions request

The Dorset Clinical Commissioning Group (CCG) – an NHS ‘commissioning of services’ NOT a frontline NHS services delivery organisation (it is important to understand the difference between the CCG and the latter) – has provided a response to the Network on a some of a set of representations and requested actions that the Network provided directly to Mr Tim Goodson, Dorset CCG Chief Executive Officer (CEO) in late 2020.

The Network wishes to record its thanks to Dorset CCG for its response, which indicates a number of major breakthroughs for our pan-Dorset LGBT+ community as a result of the Network representation to the CCG.

We will update this page in the next few days once we have fully studied the CCG response document and shared and discussed its content with our team of NHS experienced experts (retired and current) and with our friends at the other pan-Dorset LGBT+ community support organisations.

The Network does however regard, on first sight, the response as potentially a real milestone in progressing LGBT+ inclusion and non-discrimination in pan-Dorset NHS organisations and the services they provide.  It is only right however to add that our community members are only interested in meaningful, on the ground change and improvement. 

As many outside of the Network have observed, 4+ years ago the Network’s lead was commissioned to provide a pan-Dorset LGBT+ community engagement research report based on direct feedback, including group meetings and a survey/questionnaire, regarding experience of accessing or seeking to access NHS services from an LGBT+ perspective.  Years on, despite an exceptional 160+ participants – LGBT+ community members – greatly appreciated valuable time and participation, Dorset CCG has still not officially responded to the initiative’s report findings and recommendations for change. 

For this reason it is greatly appreciated to have received what appears as a very response from the CCG on our recent representation.  We look forward to provide a further update on further study of the responses document that the CCG has kindly given their time to send to us.