Contribution of submission to parliamentary inquiry on health social care & LGBT:

The Network has contributed a submission to the Women & Equalities Select Committee, health social care & LGBT inquiry.  The origins of the Network are closely connected with work to enable the NHS locally and nationally to become fully LGBT competent/appropriate, addressing confidence deficits in NHS services that many community members still experience through their various experiences.

Inquiry information link:  and (background)

As such we were able to call on extensive direct and research experience in providing our substantial submission, including on the theme of NHS to direct LGBT community communications challenges (there are parallels with other statutory sector/public services, such as some local authorities, the Police, etc.).

The secretary of the Committee has provided her appreciation to the Network (and through it the voice and experience of many of our community members) for the quality and great value of our submission (running to more than 100 pages).  As a result, we were asked to provide introductions to Dorset area NHS organisations and other entities with special interest in health and social care: we have done so, including substantial related contexts supportive evidence to the Committee.