Clinton Cards Weymouth staff incident indicates how much effective work still has to be done to challenge anti-LGBT prejudice

Under the Equality Act 2010 it is a mandatory requirement to consider the needs regarding protection from prejudice and direct and indirect discrimination, of Protected Characteristis communities (ethnic minorities, sexual and gender minorities, those population groups with physical and/or mental health disabilities, in particular). So, organisations and companies have Equality Inclusion and Anti-Discrimination policy statements. Sadly that often is as far as it gets, as the Clinton Cards Weymouth revelation indicates, and we frequently find with poorly challenged anti-LGBT views in NHS staff settings. Sometimes there is some training to go with the policy statement, but this can often be too conceptual, less real world, day-to-day context applicable, and poorly delivered. 
Action has been promised by Clinton Cards, which is welcomed by the Network. However, we need to see what is now delivered in terms of investigating particulars as a starting point for building change, and doing so directly with the LGBT community involvement, and subsequent monitoring of implemented actions — good work by Weymouth Gay Group* on reporting this!
LGB&T Dorset Equality Network
Link containing more details on the incident(s): *
The Network will be announcing at the end of next month/March an important diverse communities – private sector initiative that will help address both the type of problem the Clinton Cards Weymouth incident (so destructive of good relationships between businesses and diverse communities, such as but not limited to LGBT) is characteristic of, and also safety and zero tolerance of racism, homophobia, biphobia, transphobia, and disphobia in their many direct and indirect forms. More news to follow in March!