Bourne Free Pride 2022 — Network congratulations to the Bourne Free Team for a fantastic Pride:

The LGBT+ Network for Change congratulates the brilliant Bourne Free Team for their great work in enabling a fantastic Pride! Bourne Free 2022 received wonderful attendance and acclaim from community members and LGBT+ allies, and also in the local news media:

One of our volunteer/advisor team whose ‘drag artiste’ name is ‘Venezuela D’Viña’ provided fantastic ‘drag’ performances (we/the Network were very pleased to introduce to the Bourne Free Team earlier this year when performance line-ups were being considered), sharing not only glamour but great artistic talent. Venezuala D’Vina, was also enabled to represent the Dorset Healthcare NHS Foundation Trust in the Parade. This opportunity marking the major work and success of collaboration between the Trust and the Network, through Dorset Healthcare’s Steps 2 Wellbeing programme, that has been receiving information resources and training from Network lead Alan Mercel-Sanca, with major transformational impacts.

Outside of Pride itself, Bourne Free’s support to the Network — as with other organisations and LGBT+ and Allies work and causes — plays a greatly appreciated part in contributing to our work which is focused on meaningful effective support to some of the most vulnerable, persecuted, and overlooked sections of our LGBT+ & LGBTQ+ community, AND in regard to giving Network partners such as Dorset Healthcare NHS Foundation Trust healthcare professionals and other staff at programmes and services, such as Steps 2 Wellbeing, the support they need to make a difference to LGBT+ & LGBTQ+ lives! Well done again to the Bourne Free Team!