Ask for Clive campaign — Network leads on AfC expansion in Bournemouth Poole Christchurch & Dorset

The LGB&T Dorset Equality Network is delighted to be leading on extending the Ask for Clive (AfC) safe & inclusive places initiative in the Dorset, Bournemouth, Christchurch and Poole area. 

Ask for Clive originated in St Alban’s, Hertfordshire, where pubs, clubs and other venues united to support an LGBT community suggestion on a badge/poster being displayed at such venues to indicate zero tolerance for those visiting or using their services concerning their being safe, welcoming inclusive, and giving the assurance that if homophobia, biphobia, transphobia or other forms of prejudice such as racism, were encountered then they could & should speak with staff to report the incident, and action would be taken. 

The difference between AfC and statutory sector police registered ‘third party reporting centres’ is that AfC participants display their status and that they have joined the initiative that was called for by our community in response to disappointing experiences of unmet needs that statutory sector mechanisms have not in the view of the community largely not covered by such routes as Third Party Reporting Centres. 

Those belonging to Ask for Clive have all made major announcements of their participation publicly, and have staff enthusiastically committed to the initiative, and who have been trained in engaging with community members on any actual or perceived prejudice issues that may be brought to their attention. 

AfC is a mechanism that has the confidence of our LGB&T communities (who helped shape it with LGBT ‘Allies’ who collectively were not happy with the status quo where all too often reporting has not been made through wont of confidence of being listened to in effective ways), giving it an exceptional credential.  AfC is rolling out nationally, and its founder Danny Clare had described that with the honourable exception of Weymouth BID (who has been working closely with the Network for two years) and one hotel in Bournemouth, Dorset was effectively a bubble standing in contrast to AfC rolling out nationally.  

The overwhelming shared characteristic of all of those joining AfC is passionate enthusiasm rather than ‘tick boxing’ – something which is just what our community look for and are delighted about having too much experience of those ‘going through the motions’ to meet a requirement or having ‘Pink Pound’ commercialism in their thinking.

The Network is providing support to AfC participants on any issues or needs they encounter or needs for supplementary training.

 You can find out more about AfC from the following link .  If you are a business, organisation, venue that is committed to LGB&T inclusion and wish to join AfC please contact the Network on

The Network will be providing names and details on organisations, charities and businesses that we have been signing up to AfC in this space in October.