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Become an Advisor or general Volunteer at LGBT+ Network for Change!

About Us

LGBT+ Network for Change are a small but passionate UK-wide voluntary-sector community organisation and registered charity run by and for LGBT+ and LGBTQ+ community members, working for a Queerphobia-free, inclusive UK, British Isles, world and society!

Our Network was created and exists to support our LGBT+ communities, especially intersectional LGBT+ groups and LGBT+ subgroups who are often overlooked, poorly supported. We aim to tackle more severe forms of prejudice and discrimination of systemic, structured forms, which may be direct and/or indirect.

We help improve LGBT+ engagement by public service providers & businesses by providing relevant, national-level quality education & training provision, including on zero tolerance of Queerphobia and tackling tick-box culture in the workplace. We also have a respected record of influence for change and improvement on LGBT+ performance at national government and parliament, UK parliamentary select committee level, as well as at statutory and public sector organisations levels. For example, we have a proud long-established record, for example, as a catalyst and Change/Reform organisation challenging the UK Home Office on it’s perceived, too well-evidenced, Anti-LGBT immigration services ‘Hostile Environment.’

We’re a newly-restructured vibrant charity, with lots of momentum for creating change. We were previously known as the ‘LGB&T Dorset Equality Network’, and registered with the Charity Commission in 2016 (Charity number: 1171911).  

We will support you through an induction process and provide support in developing skills, whilst assisting with work to embed inclusion into the public sector.

The Role

Being an Advisor at the LGBT+ Network for Change involves contributing your area of experience, expertise and interest, where these relate to areas of Network activity, initiative, projects, to the Network in the three latter areas.

In terms of commitment attendance at relevant Network meetings (mostly held online because of our multiple geographical locations and Pan-British Isles activity area), and ideally the AGM, is requested.

As an initiatives, projects, and special areas of activity orientated organisation, the Network utilises a sub-committee & steering group model for delivery of all three of the latter. If an advisor is involved in these given areas focus they are requested to the given groups meetings (from monthly to tri-monthly usually), and in the event of not being able to attend provide the Network operational lead with any necessary information or documents needed by the both the operational lead and sub-committee & steering group members for activity delivery.

Advisors work with the Network operational lead and, where relevant, Board Members, and other volunteers.

We have monthly to bi-monthly Network-wide online meetings, which last an hour to an hour and a half, and it is recommended advisors attend these.

Outside of meetings, the role involves a few hours of supportive time per 3-4 months between meetings, which can vary person to person, and responsiveness to internal communications.

Travel expenses are paid to Advisors, and all other Volunteers subject to agreement with our staff lead and subsequent provision of receipts.

For more information on role requirements and suggested skills, please read our Advisor / Volunteer role description,

We greatly value diversity on our board and welcome applications from Queer women, gender diverse people, Queer people of colour and Queer disabled people, from all ages.

Contact Us

If you’re interested in applying, please complete our Advisor / Volunteer application form and email this to us at  Successful applicants will be invited to an informal interview online or in person interview.

If you have any questions or want to contact us, please also email us at