Network helps initiate BAME and LGBT ‘change the national curriculum’ Parliamentary petition

We are very pleased to have played our part in initiating the petition below, which addresses a major defect in the Education section of the Equality Act 2010. Please sign and share!

Amend the Equality Act 2010: National Curriculum and protected characteristics”

The Government should create a new ‘National Curriculum content review & reform’ section in the Equality Act, with the purpose of requiring content relating to Protected Characteristics to be structurally instituted throughout the National Curriculum.

The Act’s Education Section in current form has no requirement for National Curriculum content to counteract a core source of prejudice, particularly against BAME people, Women and LGBT people, out of date unbalanced curricula content. The motivation behind the ‘History Month’ Movement [BHM, and LGBT] and the Equality Act itself indicate the need for this action, as do Covid 19, recent events in the US and the ‘Me Too’ movement.

The Petition title and description (informed by experts in Parliament) addresses decades/half a century of badly needed change in the education system where ethnic minority communities and LGBT have simply felt they haven’t been properly represented – core matter at the heart of statues being removed or covered in the UK at present

Outcome: if the Amendment to the Equality Act is made, it will mean BAME and LGBT communities  reshape the National Curriculum, making history exams cover properly the REAL history of the county and its people; powerfully making our voices our histories a part of the National Curriculum for the first time ever.  A revolutionary, massive change for country and all our communities where the core source of prejudice is concerned, and the natural culmination of LGBT History Month and Black History Month.