Very sad news of first Chair of the Network, Fr John Hyde’s passing

The Network is very sad to have learned the very sad news of the passing of Fr, Canon, John Hyde, a Trustee and the first Chair of the Network, and who played a crucial role in support to Network initiator and Lead Officer, Alan Mercel-Sanca, in being co-founder of the Network’s predecessor organisation, the LGBT Dorset Equality Network. Fr John was truly heroic in his service to our Dorset area LGBTQI+ community long before coming to support creation of the LGBT Dorset Equality Network, whose origins commenced with the work of Alan, that John proactively supported, as early as 2012.

Fr John suffered for many years with a serious heart condition, yet despite that during all of that period he continued to serve humanity and the Dorset area LGBTQI+ community, often at the cost of taxing is health — in this he made on many occasions a lives saving difference. He stepped back from active service at the Network some one and half years ago, yet until then for more than a year was a great support, through the Network, to work assisting HMP The Verne and its LGBTQI+ community. He was a passionate supporter of the need for dedicated LGBTQI+ community inclusion in end of life care, and for highlighting the special needs of older community members — two particularly needful sections of our LGBTQI+ community. A truly humane and self-sacrificing person, his care and support touched many lives making a tangible sometimes life-saving difference to many of our Dorset area LGBTQI+ community members!

My personal and the Network’s condolences, and thoughts are with Fr Peter — Fr John’s beloved husband and staunch life-long supporter of his exceptional work for our LGBTQI+ community and broader humanity and his family!

Alan Mercel-Sanca. LGBT+ Network for Change lead officer & initiator